Chris is Available at:
Groves Family Chiropractic
3419 North Woodford
Decatur, IL
Call (217) 791-7722 to book an appointment!

Massage In Your Home

Want to enjoy a relaxing massage without the hassle of getting out? Chris can come to you, anywhere in Decatur or Macon County.

Get a Massage At Work

Work stressing you out? Bring Chris into your workplace to help massage away the stress and make you happier and more productive.

Or Come See Me!

Need to get away from the stress of home or work? Visit me at Groves Family Chiropractic at 3419 North Woodford!

Massage Prices


30 min. = $40.00
60 min. = $70.00
90 min. = $100.00

Chair or Foot*

8 min. = $10.00
12 min. = $15.00
17 min. = $20.00
21 min. = $25.00

*Rates only available for individuals in group settings.

Hear from satisfied clients!

“Thank you for the massage appointment for my husband yesterday evening.  I really appreciate it.  We look forward to using your services in the future.”

Kathy L.

“This is the best lunch I’ve ever had.”

Y.T., during a 20-minute lunchtime massage

“Dear Chris, Thank you so much for sharing your gift of massage with us this morning! I know the moms will leave feeling refreshed & renewed. You have been a blessing to this ministry. Gratefully, MOPS of FBC-MTZ.”

MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers)
First Baptist Church, Mt. Zion, IL

“As the Commodore Stephen Decatur for the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau of Decatur, and at 234 years old, getting one of Chris’ massages worked WONDERS for my aching sea-laden muscles! Thank you Chris! You are awesome!”

“On one occasion I had severe discomfort in one shoulder and could not move my arm. On another occasion I had severe pain in my upper back. Both times I phoned Chris Henneberry – she accommodated me by coming to my home that day – Her excellent touch removed the pain which never returned.”

Martha T.

“Chris Henneberry and her wonderful therapeutic massage, is a highlight on my week. Chris’s sunny disposition matches her talented hands and my weekend is always better when Chris comes.

Betty W.

“Having broken my hip and wrist, I spent 3 months in a nursing home, receiving physical and occupational therapy. I progressed very well but needed a walker and cane when I returned home. After one treatment of massage therapy from Chris, I felt so much better and could walk so much better, that I called and scheduled another treatment two days after the first treatment. I have continued this therapy weekly. It has helped me immensely.”

Mary W.
Retired school teacher

“Massage in the privacy of your own home is a treat. I recommend Chris Henneberry’s healing hands.”


“I treat myself to a massage from time to time as a special treat. It makes me feel special, but even more so when Ms. Chris comes to my home and gives me a massage. I can relax in the comfort of my own home during and after the massage. I think that’s a big plus. I recommend Chris Henneberry for a relaxing massage.”

Chris H.

“Dear Chris, Thank you for your outstanding program on massage. Your love of the subject and expertise in action was very evident. You made two of our ladies VERY happy and gave a lot of the ladies great ideas for the future. It was an enjoyable evening.”